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Adva Abramowitz, mother of Noam Abramowitz

Mother: Adva Abramowitz

Daughter: Noam Abramowitz, z"l, 19 at the time of her death.

Family: Noam was the eldest sister to Ofri, Yiftach, and Yuval.

Moments of Terror:

At 6:37, we called Noam immediately after the alarms woke us. Between 6:37 and 7:44, we exchanged messages filled with fear and love: "Mom, this is terrifying, I love you all, no matter what happens." This continued until Noam's voice fell silent at 7:44.

For three and a half days, Noam was listed as missing. I prayed that Noam had been kidnapped, but in my heart, I knew there was no chance, and that she had probably been killed.

The moment the family was notified of her death was a nightmare. The informers had to wait two to three hours until they could speak with the family and explain the technical details. They witnessed a hellish scene where the whole family screamed and mourned their souls due to the news.

The Person Behind the Story:

Noam celebrated life, living it to the fullest, achieving so much in such little time.

Noam experienced love and was loved, had a loving family, saw the world, excelled in everything she did, worked, dreamed, helped others and fought for them, influenced, and touched people's lives. She was curious and explored the world, enjoyed the freedom of thought, was brave and outspoken, and dreamed of becoming the Prime Minister to change the world.

She was interested in politics, governance, society, economics, law, and gender issues. She researched and learned, had high aspirations and big dreams. Alongside, she loved life very much, celebrating it at every opportunity, and felt fortunate.

My Message:

Noam had an infinite abundance, like an unending fountain. One of her most prominent qualities was her highly developed sense of justice and great courage to follow her truth to the end. She dared to speak her mind, to raise her voice, to lead change when she saw injustice. She wasn't afraid even when it affected her personally, and she paid personal prices. This courage should be present, even a little, in every person. Noam did not miss a moment in her life. She was constantly on the move from the moment she was born. She lived life to the fullest.

Project in Memory of Noam:

Many initiatives and projects will be established, inspired by her curiosity and love for learning. She had high aspirations and big dreams.

Our Last Embrace:

The last hug was on Thursday, two days before her murder, when I dropped her off at the base.

Adva Abramowitz, mother of Noam Abramowitz

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