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Eva Baranes, mother of Shalev Baranes

Mother: Eva Baranes

Son: Shalev Baranes, aged 20 at his death.

Family: Shalev, z”l, was the son of Eva and Avshalom Baranes, brother of Ron Baranes and May Baranes, and a father/brother to Mickey the dog.

Moments of Terror:

Shalev was a soldier in the Golani Brigade's 13th Battalion. Terrorists infiltrated the Be'eri outpost at 7:10 in the early morning hours. Following their commander's orders, all the soldiers gathered in the dining room, which was essentially the outpost's command center. After hours of fighting, the terrorists began to set fire to the dining room, where 23 soldiers were located. The soldiers began to suffocate. Many were wounded in the dining room. Shalev decided to go out and fight the terrorists, along with his friends Itay Glisko and Idan Raz, and all three fell in this battle. Officers arrived to deliver the devastating news, but even before their arrival, I already knew. I felt the moment strongly throughout my entire body.

The Person Behind the Story:

Shalev, z”l, was the son of a family from Kfar Baruch, a warm and loving family that cherished each other and life itself. Shalev loved riding off-road motorcycles; he had been a passionate motorcycle rider since a young age, and he became a professional rider. On Saturdays, all his friends would go on off-road trips in the valley - that was his great love. Following Shalev's death, Ron received his motorcycle and continued the tradition of off-road riding. Shalev was exactly like his name - calm, peaceful, pleasant in his ways, handsome in appearance, simply a perfect child. He always excelled, was always the first to help everyone, and always made sure to honor us as parents.

Shalev was my best friend; he always knew how to make me laugh and shared everything with me. He was very attached to little May, and always took care of her. Every moment with Shalev was a happiness that cannot be explained in words.

My Message:

My message is unconditional love. To be together, united.

Project in Memory of Shalev:

The first project in memory of Shalev will be a Torah scroll in his name in the synagogue in the village. This will be the first time a Torah scroll in the name of a fallen son of the village will be brought into the synagogue.

Eva Baranes, mother of Shalev Baranes

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