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Orin Zacharia, mother of Eden Zacharia

Mother: Orin Zacharia

Daughter: Eden Zacharia, aged 27 at the time of her murder

Family: Mother Orin, father Zohar, and brother - Guy, aged 21

Moments of Terror: Eden and her partner Ofek were on their way home from the Nova Festival when terrorists opened fire on them while driving. They killed Ofek, wounded and abducted Eden, and completely burned her car. After two and a half months, our Eden was returned by the IDF without a spark of life. The Casualty Notification Officer came to our house with four figures that I don't remember how they looked and told me to sit down. I immediately understood that something bad happened. I was very surprised to hear that Eden was returned without a spark of life because I expected to meet her alive, I was sure she was alive and would come back to us healthy and whole.

The Person Behind the Story: Eden was a high soul, with intuition above average. Kind-hearted and gentle, she loved animals very much, especially dogs (and raised two amazing dogs - Ted and Kaya). Joyful, cheerful, beautiful, funny, wise, winner, spiritual, ambitious, successful, honest. I loved our soul talks with her, she was my best friend. We will never forget our Eden and the other fallen - in their death, they commanded us unity. I paid the heaviest price and promised Eden that I would do everything so that such a terrible event would never happen again in the State of Israel.

My Message: Eden's spirit is here. Eden did not die in vain, in her death, she commanded us life and unity, she left behind a legacy of acceptance, giving, unconditional love, music, joy, compassion, and kindness.

Project in Memory of Eden: "The Friendship" - support groups for internal reinforcement, emotional resilience development, and acquiring tools to cope with life's challenges. Lectures to the Jewish people worldwide, in which I tell about the great destruction of the October 7th and about the hope found in unity.

Our Last Embrace: Eden and Ofek moved in together with the aim of building their life together. I brought them and Ofek the food they love, and helped them tidy up the house, and it was the last hug.

Orin Zacharia, mother of Eden Zacharia

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