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Orit Baruch, mother of Adi Odeya Baruch

Mother: Orit Baruch

Daughter: Adi Odeya Baruch, aged 23 at the time of her death

Family: Mother: Orit Baruch, Father: Avi Baruch, Brothers: Dvir aged 19.5, Yanir aged 11.5, from Kfar Netafim in Samaria. We are a close-knit family that loves spending time together.

Moments of Terror: On October 12th, the sixth day of the war, Adi went to the recruitment center in Sderot after insisting on enlisting, although she wasn't called. As she entered Sderot, there was a red alert. Adi and the officer who drove her managed to stop the vehicle and lie on the ground, but a rocket fell a meter and a half from them. The officer was injured, and Adi was killed instantly by shrapnel to her head. In fact, I found out something happened through Telegram, and then Dvir located her phone and saw she was in Barzilai Hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, they took us to a room and the messengers came in with the news of her death.

The Person Behind the Story: Adi was a charming child, full of joy, laughter, and a pure heart. A petite girl - only 1.5 meters tall - with a huge soul, full of love and desire to help others. Adi had a very successful wedding photography business. She planned to marry her fiancé, Navo, who already bought her a ring but didn't get the chance to propose to her while she was alive. He proposed over her grave to his deceased bride. Adi was the queen of the house, loved her family, and was very close to her two brothers.

My Message: Always tell our children that they are valued and loved, while we still can. It is a privilege for us that Adi was killed defending the values ​​she was raised on, and we continue the action and commemoration for her sake.

Project in Memory of Adi:

There are many projects in her memory, one of which is the "Adi Gemach," so Adi can be present in spirit on the beaches and in the establishment of a home in Israel.

Our Last Embrace: On the day Adi was killed, her father drove her to Modi'in, and from there she had a ride to Sderot. On the way, Adi thanked my husband for the education we gave her as her parents, and for allowing her to follow her dreams.

Orit Baruch, mother of Adi Odeya Baruch

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