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Eti Raz, mother of Idan Raz

Mother: Eti Raz

Son: Idan Raz, aged 20 at the time of his death

Family: The Raz family consists of six members. Idan was born on June 6, 2003, in Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz to Mother Eti and father Arnon, brother to Shaked, Ziv, and Yuval.

Moments of Terror:

At 08:27, Idan sent us a message saying, "Everything is okay." He attached a picture of flowers with a large beating heart, which felt different from the small red heart he usually sent. On Monday, October 9, at 07:30 AM, after two sleepless nights, we woke up with hope when one of the mothers in our group wrote that there were Golani soldiers hiding in a bunker. At that moment, I felt all my strength return, and I baked cookies to have something sweet at home for when Idan would return.

A second later, the worst happened! Three soldiers, the kibbutz security officer, and MDA personnel appeared at our house in a deafening silence, piercing the heart and soul, with the mind refusing to believe the information being conveyed without words.

The Person Behind the Story:

Idan was a golden child with a huge soul and a constant smile, always equipped with a positive spirit, passion, justice, and principles. He was always at the center, melting hearts with his endless charm. Family was of utmost importance to Idan, and he always made sure to stay in touch with all his immediate and extended family members. Another value he lived by was friendship. Throughout his life, Idan was surrounded by friends, always the life of the party, someone whose presence could never be ignored. He was a fighter for justice and the voice of the soldiers in his platoon to the commanders, never ashamed to express his opinion with respect and dignity.

As a child, Idan had a wide range of hobbies, from cooking and baking to writing poetry, playing soccer, and horse riding. Idan was captivated by the charm of the "Hapoel" club and gave his heart to it, just like he did in everything else. When basketball joined his love of soccer, it became "all-in" – "All Hapoel."

Project in Memory of Idan:

“Idan Forever” is an association founded by the family to commemorate Idan. Idan's immense (and red) love for the "Hapoel Tel Aviv" club, his total dedication to Golani, and his wholehearted and soulful guidance of children in the kibbutz - all shape the nature of this commemoration. The first project of the association – a soccer field and fitness complex for pre-recruitment youth – will keep Idan with us, alive, kicking, and present in spirit. As long as I am remembered, I live .

Our Last Embrace:

On Thursday, two days before the disaster, when he returned to the base earlier than expected to replace a friend.

Eti Raz, mother of Idan Raz

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