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Juliana Dora Bausi, mother of Itai Yehuda Bausi

Mother: Juliana Dora Bausi

Son: Itai Yehuda Bausi, aged 22 years and 2 months at the time of his murder.

Family: The Bausi family consists of 6 members. Itai was born to Mother Juliana and Father Shahar in a kibbutz, and he had siblings: Naama Paz (25), Yoav Netanel (19.5), and Asaf Michael (16).

Moments of Terror:

On the fateful day, Itai was already on his way out of the Nova Party. When he and his friend, Ben Mizrahi z"l, saw that others were wounded, they returned to evacuate them to the ambulance at the party.

Itai was missing for 4 days until he was identified in the Shura camp. Four days of continuous terror ended on Tuesday evening when the IDF officers arrived. When I saw them, I screamed and realized that the worst had happened.

The Person Behind the Story:

Itai was a pure, handsome, modest, loving, and sensitive child who loved to help the dairy farmers every Saturday, ever since he was a little child. As he grew up, he continued to work in the cowshed while in high school and afterward joined the "HaroeHaivri" (an educational project, an alternative to military service). After his death, we understood that he had a great influence on the youth he helped when they told us that thanks to him they changed their decision and enlisted in the army. Itai had good hands and an open mind, and he loved working with his hands; when he thought of a project, he planned it down to the smallest detail and executed it. He set goals and strived to achieve them.

He was modest in his life, loved to fish with his father, and had good friends from different age groups - anyone who ever knew him was captivated by him. He served in the IDF in the Duvdevan as a platoon commander and was a fearless warrior.

Itai had a girlfriend named Carmel for about 5 years. Itai and Carmel planned to get married and wanted to build their home, close to nature in the green north district - a small house, a plot of land to work, and a few sheep in the yard.

My Message:

A son cannot be buried! Parents should not bury their child!!

Juliana Dora Bausi, mother of Itai Yehuda Bausi

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