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Yonit Itach, mother of Liel Itach

Mother: Yonit Itach

Son: Liel Itach, 22 at the time of his murder.

Family: Parents Yonit and Kobi Itach. Siblings Yuval (19.5), Ariel (8), Maor (4)

Moments of Terror:

Liel planned to meet friends from his South America trip, which he returned from 4 months before the fateful day. When the attack began at 7 a.m., he told us that he and his friends were heading to a nearby kibbutz. We later discovered that they were redirected by police to a compound at the party area. In our last conversation, Liel assured us they were safe and not to worry, they were with police protection. At 9:11, he wrote they were fine, but then we lost contact.

Testimonies revealed that Liel had opportunities to escape but stayed to protect his friends. On Sunday, a photo showed him shielding a girl at the compound, and videos showed him assisting others, giving hope he was alive. However, on Monday, October 9th, we received news of his death. Later testimonies recounted that as the location became unsafe, police advised hiding in small groups. Liel and his friends hid under an ambulance with 10 other people. Liel vowed to draw the terrorists away if they came, and he did just that. Footage shows him running over a kilometre at top speed. Though multiple terrorists chased him, the fourth or fifth one eventually caught him.

The Person Behind the Story:

Liel studied at the Hebrew Gymnasium in Jerusalem and served in the Air Force, where he earned an excellence award. After his honorable discharge, he saved up for a trip to South America. Upon returning, he enrolled in mechanical engineering studies, passing the entrance exams and planning to start after Sukkot.

Liel was a cheerful child who knew how to seize every moment, always combining social life, studies, and work. He was loved by all, never rebellious, and always the first to offer help with modesty and humility. He had many friends from a young age, which only increased over the years. He loved to host them and unite all corners of his friend circle. Family was always a top value for him. There wasn't a person who didn't love Liel, and that accompanies us until today.

Liel was a determined, ambitious, and goal-oriented child. Order and cleanliness were integral to him from a young age. Exceptional wit and a strong work ethic were always evident in him. Overall, Liel possessed all the qualities attributed to successful people. He had a unique masculine voice and a contagious laugh that stuck with everyone around him, always with a smile. A special child with special qualities that always set him apart from his peers. Liel had a strong opinion on every subject, and he brought very convincing arguments to his position - his nickname among his friends was "Mr. Know-It-All."

My Message:

Liel grew up in a family environment that allowed him to be what he wanted, receiving warmth, love, and security from all of us to do what he loved and wanted, and that brought out his best - a determined, respectful, and successful child who always respected his parents and others.

Project in Memory of Liel:

Liel loved playing soccer and was a devoted fan of Beitar Jerusalem since birth - never missed a game. He also loved sea extreme sports and even got a jet ski license around the age of 19.5.

A soccer tournament was held in Yavne at May 8th, attended by soccer stars and celebrities. in the presence of the mayor of Yavne and the Yavne Sports Department. Over 600 people attended - it was emotional and powerful, with immense love for Liel, who was present everywhere at the tournament and especially in the hearts of everyone.

Our Last Embrace:

On Thursday before he went to his father's, then from there, he went to the party.

Yonit Itach, mother of Liel Itach

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