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Carmit Bezek Bonder, mother of Guy Bezek

Mother: Carmit Bezek Bonder

Son: Guy Bezek, aged 20 at the time of his death

Family: Guy, the son of Yuval and Carmit, was the middle child between Tamar, 24, and Adi, 13.

Moments of Terror:

Guy was stationed at the Kissufim outpost. When the massacre began, he and four of his friends entered Kibbutz Kissufim to defend its residents. He managed to kill several terrorists, but after 3.5 hours of fighting, a single bullet to the heart took his life. On that day, I was home alone with my younger daughter. I tried calling Guy throughout the day, realizing he was probably in combat, so I sent him messages of encouragement. I wrote that I knew he was fighting and told him to be careful. I knew he had been eagerly waiting for action, and now it had come.

Throughout the day, I searched for any piece of information through every Golani WhatsApp group and every journalist I knew but found nothing. By late afternoon, my stomach turned when I saw that everyone else knew the status of their sons except me. I understood something terrible had happened.

The Person Behind the Story: Guy was an extraordinary person, unconventional, with a mind that never stopped thinking. Creative, with a vivid imagination and a sharp sense of humor, charismatic, handsome, and extraordinarily intelligent—like a modern-day Pied Piper. At the age of two, Guy was diagnosed as an autodidactic genius. He excelled in everything that interested him: playing the piano, electric and classical guitar, and drums; he loved parkour and mountain climbing; was active in the Scouts and in "5Fingers" – an educational movement; loved to dance and draw, leaving his mark on every possible wall.

Guy excelled in human relations, with countless friends from all over the country. He brought everyone together, acting as the "glue" among them. He gave his soul for a friend and was the first to be there for anyone in distress. This is how he was in battle too; even without a ceramic vest, nothing stopped him from going into battle and being at the forefront. Guy was humble, physically and mentally strong, and after he was killed, we found out he kept a journal. In it, he documented his military training journey, writing content that has become a legacy of comradeship and sacrifice in Golani.

My Message:

We celebrated Guy's 20th birthday with a huge party at Havat Ronit, with 640 participants, exactly as he wanted, and we will turn this into an annual tradition.

Our Last Embrace:

Our last hug was a week before October 7th. I loved him immensely, and he knew it. He always told me, "You love me too much to ever be mad at me."

Carmit Bezek Bonder, mother of Guy Bezek

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