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Dr. Laila Abbas, mother of Jamal Abbas

Mother: Dr. Laila Abbas

Son: Jamal Abbas, z”l, aged 23 at the time of his death

Family: The Abbas family consists of 5 members. Jamal was born in Kfar Qasim on 29/11/1999 to his Mother Laila and father Anan. He was the brother of Gideon and Miral.

Moments of Terror: I was in Karmiel when Anan, my husband, called me and said he had severe tooth pain on his way home and asked if I could prepare soup for him. I felt that something was wrong, so I said it didn't make sense for him to come back home because of tooth pain, and I asked if everything was alright. After that, many phone calls started coming in, but I didn't answer until my son-in-law called and asked where I was. Then I realized that something had happened.

I cried, trembling with fear. I was in a storm of emotions when Anan called me and asked me to stop by the side of the road, and he would join me. As we drove home, Anan informed me of the terrible tragedy that had occurred.

The Person Behind the Story: Jamal was an angel. He was the person with the purest and kindest heart, always supporting, helping, loving, and caring for his family. He gave us a sense of security and made us proud. He made those around him laugh and ensured there was humour, love, and laughter everywhere. Even as a child, Jamal was a leader and volunteered for every task and activity in the village and its surroundings.

Jamal loved the army so much that at the age of 6, he asked his grandfather for a rifle as a birthday present. When he was 8, during the Second Lebanon War, he asked me for uniforms in his size, added his father's sergeant major insignia, and together with his brother "went to fight" and provided food for the soldiers passing by. According to his commanders, he was the spearhead of the fighters and refused to let anyone be in front of him. He took care of them, and he always said to his was: "I will always be the first, so if someone gets hurt, it will be me and not you." "There is no war more justified than this one right now, and I will do everything to bring back your children healthy and whole to you," he wrote to his parents.

In his diary, he wrote, "I will be in the army and enlist to Golani " (in reality, he was in the Paratroopers). "I will at least be a lieutenant colonel and die from a bullet." Jamal saw his future and was killed in battle by two bullets. In his death, he smiled like an angel.

My Message: Like Jamal always said, is, "Alone, it won't work, but together it will work. We need to be strong and courageous."

Our Last Embrace: On 07/10/23 when he left me at home and later when he returned to his people in a coffin, as everyone accompanied him on his final journey.

Dr. Laila Abbas, mother of Jamal Abbas

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