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Miri Pins, mother of Kim Dukarker

Mother: Miri Pins.

Daughter: Kim Dukarker, aged 22 at the time of her murder.

Family: Kim had two brothers - Oren and Roya.

Moments of Terror:

Kim went to the Nova party with her friends. Around 6:30 a.m. on October 7th, the sirens began. Kim called and said they were getting into the shelter. Later, she called again and said there were terrorists shooting at the shelter. I asked them to stay quiet, not to let them know they were there. 15 minutes later, I sent her a WhatsApp message, and there was only one "V". The official notice of her death reached us only after five days when her body was found.

The Person Behind the Story:

Kim was a gifted child, a ray of sunshine in everyone's life who spread love. She was an officer in the Border Police and a commander by heart - everyone at home always listened to her. A lively child, with a prominent and meaningful presence and character. Kim was a leader - she always took care of everyone. Even in the shelter, in the last minutes of her life, she watched over everyone and took action.

Kim loved sports very much and was always in top shape. She loved playing tennis and played professionally.

My Message:

To learn from Kim - to take life seriously, but also to enjoy every moment.

Project in memory of Kim:

I would very much like to establish a pre-military preparatory course in the Border Police named after Kim.

Our Last Embrace:

On the eve of Simchat Torah, the day before the party.

Miri Pins, mother of Kim Dukarker

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