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Nirit Mizrahi, mother of Raz Mizrahi

Mother: Nirit Mizrahi

Daughter: Raz Mizrahi, z”l, aged 22 at the time of her death/murder

Family: Raz, the eldest daughter in the family, sister to Noa, 17, and Dor, 9.5

Moments of Terror: Raz went to a party with two friends. When the sirens and missiles began, they ran to a bomb shelter at the Be’eri Junction, unaware that terrorists had infiltrated. When they realized there was an infiltration, Raz called friends from the police. In a conversation with them, minutes before the call was cut off, she showed remarkable calm and exceptional leadership. Terrorists fired and threw grenades - in hindsight, it was a death trap. Raz was considered missing for four days until they came to inform us of the dreadful news.

The Person Behind the Story: Raz loved parties, to rejoice, and to sing. She loved to guide and be socially involved. She was a fighter in every aspect of her life. At the age of 16, she told us that she wanted significant military service and wanted to be part of the Border Police. She did everything to be accepted, completed her training, and was selected by her commanders to attend the officer course. She served as a commander in the Border Police in the Jerusalem District, and during Operation "Guardian of the Walls," she was moderately injured in a Vehicle-ramming attack in Sheikh.

After four months of rehabilitation, she returned to her unit and against all odds, successfully completed officer course. In the past year, Raz volunteered with the "One Heart" association, which assists wounded IDF soldiers. As part of her activity, she traveled to New York to speak before 1,500 women and tell her story. Raz always said that if you want, you can conquer anything.

My Message: Raz's way of life is in the hands of every person, the ability to choose and influence how you deal with the challenges of life.

Project in Memory of Raz: Raz loved white wine, so we produced a wine bottle with her story on the label. Additionally, we held a soccer tournament in her memory, with participants from the Border Guard and the "One Heart" association. Raz was a vegetarian and loved cottage cheese, so in collaboration with Strauss, we produced a limited edition of cottage cheese with her picture on it. A surfing circle was established in her memory with friends she surfed with every week.

Our Last Embrace: I hugged Raz every day she was at home; it was part of our lives.

Nirit Mizrahi, mother of Raz Mizrahi

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