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Sigal Steiner Manzuri, mother of Norelle Manzuri

Mother: Sigal Steiner Manzuri

Daughter: Norelle Manzuri, z”l, aged 25 at the time of her murder.

Family: The Manzuri family consists of 5 members. Norelle was born in California on February 5, 1989, to her mother Sigal and father Menashe, sister to Roya, who has passed away, and Shay, aged 14.5.

Moments of Terror:

On 07/10, we woke up to the sound of sirens at 06:30 and immediately called our daughters, Norelle and Roya, who were at the Nova festival. They updated us that they and Ami, Norelle 's partner, and their friends were trying to leave the festival area to get to the car and escape. At 07:39, our connection was lost. We were frantic and searched every hospital in the south and center, contacted foreign media and the American embassy, set up a command center in an attempt to reach them, and were forced to "choose" between hoping they were kidnapped by Hamas or not alive. We were informed of the murder of Ami, Norelle 's partner, on Monday, and we were informed of the murder of Norelle and Roya a few days later.

I felt like my heart was being torn apart from end to end, from the depths of despair to the crown of my head. I felt like my heart had been ripped out. For one long moment, I wanted to give up and move to a world where my daughters are, but in the end, I chose to stay.

The Person Behind the Story:

Norelle was our eldest daughter, a beautiful girl inside and out, responsible, talented, and full of initiative. She had an eye for fashion and design. She studied professional styling and commerce and worked for a well-known fashion designer. She quickly advanced up the ladder and became the head of the foreign department. Although she served in a unit where the passion to help at-risk girls and women in general burned within her and therefore decided to create a concept that combines fashion and psychology, unfortunately, Norelle did not live to realize her dream. In her military service, she was a dedicated Tash Sach soldier, fought for the rights of soldiers, and completed her military service with excellence. After her release from the army, she traveled to South America, and on the second day of the trip, she met Ami. It was love at first sight for her. Norelle touched so many people and was an anchor for many of her friends and also for me. That's her name: Norelle the guardian angel, holy light. She had a tattoo of the number 25. She said there was a special significance to this age, but we didn't know she would remain 25 forever.

My Message:

Only through love and acceptance of the other will we overcome the crisis, and the difficult social and global rupture at all times. All my prayers are for miracles and for bringing the kidnapped home. Yes, women can bring about real change in the world. Give us a chance.

Our Last Embrace:

Just before she left for the party, I followed her out the door and called her back for a hug and a kiss. I was privileged to kiss and hug her for the last time.

Sigal Steiner Manzuri, mother of Norelle Manzuri

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