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Eternal Embrace

לוגו ההסתדרות הציונית העולמית.png

"Eternal Embrace" is a photography exhibition created by Ifat Peer as part of the MomToo project. The exhibition is launched in Israel in collaboration with the Zionist Council, the educational and activity arm of the World Zionist Organization who have understood the importance of commemorating the memory of the lost children and have become a partner in the project.

The viewers are invited to enter the hearts of mothers who lost their child on October 7th and in 'The Swords of Iron War'.

The photographs are displayed alongside texts written by the mothers, describing their beloved son or daughter, the moment they received the terrible news, the message they wish to convey, and the memory of their final embrace.

Through words and images, the exhibition commemorates the memory of these sons and daughters, and echoes to the world the horrific cost of terrorism.

Ifat Peer, an Israeli artist and photographer, has taken to heart the profound loss of the families, and the loss of the entire nation. This heartbreak has led her to emotional encounters with the bereaved mothers, and to creating this exhibition.

MomToo is an international project aimed at uniting mothers from all over the world in the fight against terrorism.

As mothers, our most important role is to act as a single force to build a safer future for our children, regardless of religion, race, or nationality.

"Eternal Embrace" is more than just a photography exhibition; it is a cry of pain and a call to action. We invite you to meet the mothers and hear their stories.

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