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Vera Moshe, mother of Eden David Moshe

Mother: Vera Moshe

Son: Eden David Moshe, aged 28 at the time of his murder

Family: The Moshe family consists of 8 members. Eden was the son of Vera and Boaz Moshe, and brother to Sivan, Natali, Eliran, Daniel, and Shalev. He was born and raised in the village of Beit Hashmonai.

Moments of Terror: On Saturday, when the sirens started, I found out that Eden was at the party in Be’eri. I sent him a message at 7:40 AM, and at 8:08 AM, he replied, "Everything is fine, Mom." I called him, but he didn’t answer. From that moment, we set up a command center at home, and from then until Monday, we drove to hospitals to check if Eden was hospitalized and injured. On Monday, they called me asking for Eden David’s military ID number. Two hours later, they arrived to deliver the devastating news that changed our lives. Eden was buried on Monday evening, October 9.

The Person Behind the Story: Eden was the perfect child, excelling in every field he was interested in and managing to balance studies, family, and friends. He graduated with honors in physics and chemistry and enlisted in a combat position in the Artillery Corps. After his military service, he traveled to South America with his army friends. From a young age, Eden dreamed of becoming an engineer, and after his big trip, he started studying electrical and electronics engineering. He completed his third year with honors and chose to specialize in the most challenging field - Bioengineering. This didn’t surprise us because time and again, Eden chose to challenge himself, always doing so with humility and his characteristic excellence.

Friends and teachers from his time at the university describe him as a kind-hearted guy who helped everyone with their homework and would stay after hours each day to help his classmates, always with love and a smile on his face. Eden loved life, had a special connection with everyone, and enjoyed spending time with family, especially his nieces and nephews. He never complained and every day hugged and kissed us, his parents, telling us we were the best parents in the world.

My Message: Eden was murdered on October 7 by terrorists while celebrating life with his good friends. The Black Shabat has left us with a gaping hole in our hearts, and nothing can alleviate the pain and longing. Eden was the heart of all of us, the heart of the home, and the heart of his friends! Eden, in your life, we always told you that we are proud of you in every step and choice you made. We love and miss you. This is a great loss for us and the country.

Our Last Embrace: On Friday afternoon, when he ate the couscous he loved.

Vera Moshe, mother of Eden David Moshe

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