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Katya Zohar, mother of Bar Zohar

Mother: Katya Zohar

Daughter: Bar Zohar, aged 23 at the time of her death

Family: Bar was the youngest daughter of Katya and Meir, sister to Shani, 31 (married with 2 children), and Mor, 30 (married with 1 child). Bar’s youngest nephew was born on October 3rd, and she got to see him only twice.

Moments of Terror:

Bar went to the party with friends in my car. At 06:30, she called to inform us about the sirens. We also had red alerts, and at that point, we still thought it was “just” that, so we asked them to stay safe there. Bar and her friends managed to drive near Be'eri, where a police checkpoint told them to turn back due to a suspected infiltration. On the way back, they encountered a truck from which gunfire erupted on them and other cars. During the shooting, their car went off into a ditch and became unusable. Bar found another abandoned car, shouted for her friends to get in, and while wounded and bleeding, drove until she lost consciousness.

The car stopped near the party area, and her friends shouted for help. Two guys pulled Bar out of the car and tried to help her, but she had lost too much blood without treatment and died on the spot. Bar was considered missing from Saturday until Tuesday, during which time we searched for her in all the hospitals. On Tuesday at 06:30 AM, two police officers and two social workers came to deliver the worst news – Bar was murdered.

The Person Behind the Story:

Bar was our little girl, my baby... talented in everything she touched, with a huge heart, funny, and full of life. She loved music, dancing, makeup, fashion, and tattoos (she had quite a few). At age 6, she was identified as gifted, at 7, she started learning law and mathematics, and at 9, she asked to stop so she wouldn’t lose her childhood. She received numerous excellence certificates in school. In the army, she and her commander established a new Information Security Unit, and she was integrated into it. After translating classified documents and speeches for the unit commander abroad, Bar received a medal from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA.

After her military service, Bar worked and saved money for a big trip to South America. There, she met friends who would later go to the Nova with her. She had hundreds of friends and always found time for everyone. We are a very close-knit family and love spending time together. We traveled a lot together, in Israel and abroad, and shared music, trips, and family memories.

My Message:

I believe that children should be allowed to fulfill themselves in every way possible.

Project in Memory of Bar:

Bar wrote many texts over the years, and two of them were composed into songs. We are opening a concept bar in her memory, and most importantly, we display her picture everywhere possible, talk about her, and tell her story.

Our Last Embrace:

My last hug with Bar was on October 6th after a holiday meal, just before she left to get ready for the party.

Katya Zohar, mother of Bar Zohar

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