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Sheli Mishal-Yogev, mother of Libi Cohen-Meguri

Mother: Sheli Mishal-Yogev

Daughter: Libi Cohen-Meguri, z”l, aged 22 at the time of her death/murder

Family: Sheli is married to Yariv Yogev, Libi's twin brother is Tomer, and her younger sister is Maayan. We are a family deeply connected and fond of spending time together.

Moments of Terror: Libi called on October 7th at 6:30 in the morning from the party and said that there were many sirens and no shelter. We told her to get in the car with her friend Adi and drive straight home. They managed to leave the party area after a long time and reached the main road, Route 232, where there was heavy traffic - the police blocked the road near the entrance to Be'eri, and on the other side, many cars escaped from the party in Re’im. They stood for a long time in traffic until terrorists approached from both sides of the road and fired at everyone. There was no escape from the death trap.

At 8:10, Libi called and told her that Adi was immediately shot in the head and was lying dead beside her. Libi was shot in several places and said she was losing blood and going to die. She was calm and peaceful and expressed her love. "Mom, I love you, Mom," "Yariv, I love you," "Where are Tomer and Maayan? I want to tell them I love them." After an 8-minute conversation, she said, "Mom, they're coming again, they're shooting at me, Mom." We heard screams in Arabic, a barrage of shots, and Libi remained silent forever.

Her body was identified after 4 days.

The Person Behind the Story: Libi was a ray of sunshine, kind-hearted, full of laughter, giving, and helpfulness to others. We called her "sun" because she was the sunshine of our lives. Everything was small to her; she wasn't afraid of any challenge - she completed an officer's course in the Nahal Brigade, served as a combat commander in the Southern Command, and was proud of her military service and contribution. Libi rode horses from first grade and won the Israeli championship in show jumping with Sebastian, her horse. She loved animals, music, dancing, and the sea - and was also a champion in swimming. Above all, Libi had an excellent sense of humor, full of charisma and goodness, she knew how to say the right thing at the right moment, she was sensitive to others, didn't hesitate to help those in need. During the shiva, Maayan, her younger sister, said that Libi wanted to get a tattoo of the word HAPPY with a smiley inside it. That was so Libi. We immediately decided to get the same tattoo ourselves and added a sun with her name in her handwriting.

My Message: Libi was all good and happy, and it's important to me that she won't be forgotten. How cruel is the death of a 22-year-old girl who just wanted to dance. When her friend lies dead beside her, in the last minutes of her life, she knows she's alone and going to die.

Project in Memory of the Libi: We established an association in memory of Libi, which operates in various commemoration projects for Libi such as helping lone soldiers. We are continuing her good deeds in the world. We prepared stickers, shirts, and magnets for cars, which we distribute to spread Libi's memory as much as possible. We also commemorate Libi through her Instagram - talking about her, showing who she was, and how good she was - @libby.cohen.meguri

'All I do is to leave Libi in this world a little longer. That everyone will know that Libi was here, and the world lost a beautiful soul.

Our Last Embrace: Libi returned from South America unexpectedly on New Year's Eve. She informed Yariv secretly, who picked her up from the airport and surprised us after 7 months without seeing her. There was so much happiness in that hug. I think every mother, and every parent, can understand my hug of happiness.

Sheli Mishal-Yogev, mother of Libi Cohen-Meguri

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